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About Our School

About Our School . . .

Buttercup Preschool, located in the Las Virgenes Unified School District,

is a full inclusion program that meets the individual needs

of typically developing children and children with special needs.

The classes that make up the preschool program are located at Yerba Buena Elementary

and serve approximately 100 students, ages three to four. We maintain a low staff to

student ratio to ensure excellent supervision and regular feedback for our children.

Our program is carefully designed to meet each child's needs through collaboration

with our well-trained staff of credentialed teachers - both special educators and

general education teachers, our psychologist, behaviorists, speech and language specialists,

occupational therapists, adaptive physical education teachers and trained instructional assistants.

We are extremely proud of Buttercup Preschool.

Our school has a strong developmental foundation, many children eager to learn,

a parent community that is interested and actively involved,

and a faculty that remains professionally skilled and personally

committed to meeting the needs of all students.


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