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Frequently asked questions

1. How long will the assessment/IEP meeting take?

Depending on the number of specialists assessing the child, the assessment may last an hour to an hour and a half. The IEP meeting will be around the same time frame, so please plan accordingly! Please bring your child to the assessment, but not the IEP.

2. Where will the assessment/IEP meeting take place?
The Buttercup Preschool Assessment Team Office is located at Yerba Buena Elementary School - 6098 Reyes Adobe Road, Agoura Hills, CA, 91301

3. What if my child is uncooperative/shy/not talkative/etc. during the assessment?
This is typical behavior of children of this age! We know that children have good days/bad days, may have stranger anxiety, may be overwhelmed by all the specialists, etc. They may not act the way they usually do. The team understands that the assessment process might be stressful or scary or over stimulating for some children and it only provides a snapshot of that child's abilities on one day. The team will take into consideration prior assessment reports, interviews of caregivers/teachers/current therapists, and possibly, an observation of the child in their natural environment (i.e.. in the home, at school, etc.) in their reports.

4. What happens if my child is eligible for special education services?
The team will propose goals and objectives during the IEP meeting and create an Individual Education Plan for your child. Placement and services will also be determined at that time.

5. What if I have other questions not addressed on this page?
Please email Karen Hewig, Buttercup Administrative Designee.

Thank you for your interest in the Buttercup Assessment Team!